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Professional. Efficient. Discreet


Detective agency "BOND" was founded in March 1999. The agency, their managers, employees and associates have earned great popularity, trust and reputation due to their work, professionalism and discretion that they guarantee to their clients.

We perform our job qualitatively and efficiently, both in the country and abroad. We have cooperation and wide network of associates and good contacts with colleagues at all regions and continents.

The proof of our successfulness and skillfulness is constantly growing number of clients that come only after recommendation of our satisfied clients, which is the greatest recommendation and pleasure for us.

The proof of the qualitative and responsible work is high skillfulness of our managers and employees, who transferred their long-year experience in different safety structures to the work of this Agency.

Due to preoccupancy, the State and state bodies select between cases with more and less priority, so that sometimes they are not able to establish in due time and qualitatively evidences and facts that are important and necessary for clients in order to accomplish their rights or privileges during the court procedure or some other procedure. That is the reason why most of our clients come to us looking for our help in the procedure in front of the court or investigation authorities, or to obtain evidences that are in their personal interest, which the state bodies have no say in the matter or the possibility to investigate.

"BOND" Agency is the founder of the General Association of Private Investigators at the Chamber of Commerce of Belgrade, and also an active member of the association for FTO-Group of Investigators at the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia.

The owner of the Agency Ranko Vukomanovic is the president of the Association of Investigators at the Chamber of Commerce of Belgrade and the top-level expert in his business. Vukomanovic is in this business for more than fifteen years. He has a great experience related to this business, so that clients use to say that he is an excellent psychologist and top-level expert for human nature.

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