Physical protection of buildings

Services of physical protection comprise protection of companies and business buildings, factories, state institutions, restaurants, industrial equipment, embassies and foreign offices, public gatherings, sport events, etc. as safety service inside the company or gatekeeper service. When establishing the service of physical protection, it is necessary to estimate safety of protected space or building. "BOND" Agency, due to the complexity of job and shown professionalism until today, pays great attention to selection of people and their skillfulness, since the safety officer represents our Agency at the very entrance of protected building, and the whole appearance and manners are important in the same way as their training and equipment. Safety service is made of young and capable people (we do not engage retired persons), trained for performing their tasks and also skilled in handling firearms (if estimation is that firearms is required for protected building), who are verified by the Police and ready at any moment to protect the building and the people entrusted to their protection by physical force and engaged equipment.

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