Escorting money and valuables

Department for protecting persons of "BOND" Agency has been established for the needs of protecting persons whose safety is endangered or they feel like that. They are usually politicians, sportsmen, entertainers and businesspersons. For protection of persons, evaluation of safety levels consisting out of three parts is performed:

- operational-tactical work, i.e. collecting information on possible enemies and control of their actions;
- covering wider area of protected person's actions, or so called outer ring;
- direct bodyguard of protected person, or so called close protection.

For bodyguard jobs the most skillful agents of "BOND" Agency are being engaged, professionals, sportsmen, mentally capable (which is extremely important for making instant decisions), trained for handling firearms and martial arts, who call themselves as modern samurai and whose motto is:

"The way of bodyguard consists of brave acceptance of death".

Our work is registered also in media. We have been consulted when feuilleton on detective agencies and safety was being written.

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