Revealing drug addiction and membership in sect

A great number of organizations-sects, which attracted in their own way mentally immature youth or psychically unstable persons, appeared during the '90s on the territory of Serbia-shaken by different political and war situations. Such memberships appeared to be a sure way to death in great number of cases. At the same time, a great number of juveniles-trying to prove themselves in the society or wishing to try something new, defer to various choices of drugs at our black market, unaware that it is only a certain step to death. Unfortunately, every day there are more and more such examples. For that reason, "BOND" Agency cooperates in such cases with great number of experts in the fields of sects and drugs. After considering the complexity of the problem of persons that should be saved, they act in cooperation with client and agents of "BOND". We would like to show off and declare that in great number of cases the action of our agents and team of physicians and experts, sometimes in cooperation with the Police, resulted in great satisfaction of the client and person returned to the right way.

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