Checking legal entities

"BOND" Agency has established during its work that there is an increase of requests for checking solvency or financial position of companies. Mostly these are investigations of home companies by home entrepreneurs, but also there is an increase of investigation of home companies by foreign companies and businesspersons, which shows increasing interest of foreigners for investing capital into the home economy and industry. Unfortunately, it has to be determined that many home businessmen, managers of commercial structures, banks and other subjects still do not pay enough attention to solvency of clients and to protection of information. Therefore, they start to worry only when they notice leaking of information, loosing of money assets or goods and non-performance of contractual obligations caused by the lack of logistic support and absence of reliable information on client before concluding contract. Just for those reasons, it is well known that information is one of the most important sources of prosperity of any company, therefore the motto of "BOND" Agency is:

"Who owns information, owns the World"

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